WELCOME to your community hub. This place is designed to be the central meeting place and a secure area for free speech, where ALL citizens of South Carolina can come together, find information, share information, meet new members, network with organizations, monitor our state and federal employees and keep up with SC state and national news and events.


In fact, we are here, specifically, for the benefit of South Carolina and South Carolinians, period! With the strife, hardships and changes that our nation has gone through, nothing could be more important than SC citizens being as protected as possible, especially from what is happening with our national government. The loss of freedoms, the contrived "plandemics" and blatant, leftists/communists in power in Washington, DC is a fact of life now. More than ever in our history, it is time for our SC elected employees to earn their pay! It is time to unite ALL our voices, to make major changes in the way our state government is run today. Standing together we can be a strong and clear voice for freedom.

South Carolina is NOT a kingdom, we did not hire princes, princesses, kings or queens. We hired, (elected), people on their promises to do their best, to protect our interests and comply with our wishes, for a government "by and for the people". However, what we have now is surely a kingdom, all being financed and supported on the backs of Y.O.U., using Y.O.U.R. hard-earned tax dollars. In fact, if SOMETHING doesn't change and get better, SOON, you will have much less freedom, nor hard earned money, to support the Royal Court of South Carolina!

No doubt, the time has come for "new management" and a COMPLETE draining of the South Carolina political "swamp". As you are probably well aware, the present SC government has become less than interested in representing SC citizens, to the best of their ability, as they took an oath to do. In fact, it appears that far too many of the present crop of "representatives", both SC federal and state representatives, are only interested in maintaining and/or accumulating more wealth and power. It's no secret, unfortunately, that one of our federal representatives is an almost DAILY embarrassment to our beloved state! The lack of responsiveness to SC citizens is well evidenced by the "tin ear", that our princes and kings turn toward us "commoners", when we make our humble wishes known to those in the SC royalty. How did that "gas tax" deal work out for The People? How about our gun rights? How about your roads? These are just the tip of the iceberg...

Here's how it works, folks... Too many politicians do NOT care about anything, unless it enhances OR threatens their power and/or wealth. In fact, the ONLY option The People of SC have left is to exercise our "employer power" and FIRE the "power brokers", in Columbia and ALL OVER
THE ENTIRE STATE! Politicians DO pay attention to a "voting block", meaning, if we have enough people to take them OUT of power, suddenly you WILL get heard. You WILL get an audience with the royalty. The power brokers will suddenly CARE about what you have to say! THAT is the ONLY way, unless you're a wealthy crony, who has bottomless pockets or endless beneficial contacts.

Therefore, "WE The People", MUST begin the long and hard process to fire the royalty and return South Carolina to The People. We MUST have a voting block that has the power to do the job, to fire the corrupt cronies and drain the swamp. No, it will not be easy, BUT, that did NOT stop our Forefathers and we cannot let it stop We The People of South Carolina! It MUST be done! There is NO better time than NOW, because you know in your heart that it will NOT get ANY better, any time soon. Think of the future generations, our children and grandbabies, do it for them!

We have the power of MILLIONS of votes in this state, we CAN win! Get involved in local politics. Learn which local politicians are good and which ones are not. Work to support the good ones and remove the bad ones. Get involved. We can win but we need to be engaged.

Please join us here, at South Carolina FIRST! Register and become a member of this community. Help us organize, watch the news and articles posted here daily, watch for every "Call To Action", then contact every elected employee that you can, TELL them what you want them to do! Let's work hard together and build a HUGE, strong voting block that cannot be ignored! Then, We The People will FINALLY be heard AND will finally get the government that we are ALREADY PAYING FOR, the government that has been hijacked by the royalty...